• 10 Great Kettlebell Swing Variations

    Some of our favorites! Once you've learned the basic yet unbeatable two-hand swing in our "how-to-swing" videos, you can safely and confidently perform any of these, which often appear in our classes.

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  • Technique Tips

    7 items

  • Kettlemania

    12 items

    A fun series of classes incorporating and inspired by different themes and intermediate - to advanced challenges. Not for the beginner!

  • The World's Best Kettlebell

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    Manufacturing Update 5/12/2021: Hello out there, to all of you patiently waiting for your Pro Kettlebells.

    Our recent radio silence was a bi-product of us figuring out what the heck we were going to do.

    While pushing for a firm delivery date after t...

  • Seattle Kettlebell Club's 5 Year Anniversary (2019)

    This is Seattle Kettlebell Club's first five years... things were really blowing up and we had huge plans for 2020. Pro Kettlebell was actually already on the brain but when Covid hit about 6 months after making this video, we were forced to close our gym and postpone hosting the PK Unified Worl...

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