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You Should Enjoy Your Workouts

It's crazy to us, but some fitness trainers proclaim they don't care if you enjoy your workouts; they only care about the results.

We have a few things to say about that.

First, of course they need to work! Ours do... and we're willing to wager that no others work faster.

Second, sure, we agree and whole-heartedly believe that happiness isn't pleasure, it's victory. But no matter how effective a workout plan is, if you don't enjoy doing it, you're going to struggle to stay consistent. And there is nothing more important than consistency when it comes to being strong and healthy long-term.

That's we we've put so much effort into making Pro Kettlebell classes fast-paced and fun. Just follow along, start looking forward to your workouts from the moment you press "play" today, and in a week or two when you're already noticing the difference you'll be saying "wow, they weren't kidding."

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