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  • The Pro Kettlebell Workouts App

    Free Workouts, Intro Series, Membership Programs ($19.99/month or Buy One Year and Get 2 Months + The Kettlebell ROOKIES Course Free)

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  • Kettlebell Test Drive (Total Beginner Workout)

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    No experience necessary! This class gives you a...

  • Intro to the Pro Kettlebell - Full Body Workout

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    Get a feel for how our classes work and the variety of ways you can use and hold Pro Kettlebells during this fun and fast-paced full body strengthen and sweat workout.

    Suitable for those with some-lots of ke...

  • Free Kettlebell Classes

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    Are you comfortable and experienced at kettlebell lifting? Then try out these classes! If not, take our Rookies program or at minimum watch our free Fundamentals series before doing these and our other member workouts. Otherwise, grab a bell or two and get ready to sweat.

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  • Pro Kettlebell Fundamentals

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    How to become a kettlebell pro at home, even if you don't have a kettlebell! Lifting, swinging, cleaning & pressing kettlebells feels really good, natural and fun when you're doing it with great technique. Watch, learn and practice these Pro Kettlebell fundamentals and you'll protect your body ...

  • Pro Kettlebell Rookies Intensive Course

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    Learn to use kettlebells like a pro (and enjoy the body that goes with it) in four weeks.

    "Rookies" is a 20 class deep-dive "learn and burn" course that will get you in great shape while weaving into the workouts more info about proper kettlebell technique than most certified trainers out there ...