30-Day INTENSIVE Intro Series (Rookies)

30-Day INTENSIVE Intro Series (Rookies)

Rookies to All-Stars: The Ultimate Learn & Burn Course

For beginners ready to dive in and reach your health & fitness with confidence and no wasted time. Also a great resource for personal trainers who want to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible about safe techniques that work fast. You'll learn the most important exercises and methods for using kettlebells to get undeniable progress in four weeks.

About the Program:

"Rookies" is a 20 class deep-dive "learn and burn" course that will get you in great shape while weaving into the workouts more info about proper kettlebell technique than most certified trainers out there even know. (On this note, we have a trainer certification coming, and this course will be a prerequisite!)

No experience necessary. The classes start heavy on the technique and lighter on exercise intensity, and carefully ramp up to *full speed ahead* status the final week.

You'll learn everything from how to properly hold kettlebells to swings, the clean, snatch, jerk, Turkish Getups, and dozens of other body weight and kettlebell exercises, variations, and complexes.

The variety of exercises helps keep every workout fun and interesting. Our proven method gives you undeniable results in a short amount of time. And our comparatively radical emphasis on technique - most importantly - keeps you safe, healthy, and strong.

Although you can complete the course with only one kettlebell, it's designed to be done with a light pair. For recommendations on what weight to get, check out the FAQ here: https://www.prokettlebell.com/frequently-asked-questions

Optional: multiple kettlebell weights, yoga mat and/or mat for your knees, wrist bands, chalk

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30-Day INTENSIVE Intro Series (Rookies)