30-4-30 Challenge (7 Workouts/Week)

30-4-30 Challenge (7 Workouts/Week)

[Technical Level: Intermediate] *Great first program to do, after completing intro classes*

We enjoy longer workouts, too but you don't need more than 30-minutes when you've got consistency, expert coaches designing the program and a mighty kettlebell.

All classes are a mix of kettlebell and body weight exercises, carefully designed so you'll feel awesome and stronger in your body every day, all month long, without over-training or burning out. This series suits all levels and is a great one to start with if you're a new member.

Only one kettlebell is required but if you have pairs or multiple weights, keep them close - we'll have plenty of opportunity to incorporate them. Otherwise, all you need is a space with some headroom a little larger than a yoga mat (mat optional but nice for some floor exercises) and your h20.

Warm ups and cool downs are included in the video sessions, too. Sweat, strengthen, and sculpt like a pro.

Mondays: KettleFIT Strength targeting Chest/Back/Biceps.
Two-Mile Tuesdays: 30-minutes or two-miles, whichever comes first. Walk, run, row, bike, swim... Your choice.
Wednesdays: KettleFIT Strength targeting Legs/Shoulders/Triceps.
Thursdays: Abs & Ice, Isometric Body Burn.
Fitness Fridays: Full-Body KettleFIT.
Sporty Saturdays: KettleFIT Pentathlon Workout.
No-Sweat Sundays: Mobility Training.

Prerequisite: Kettlebell Kickstarter 4-class intro series.

30-4-30 Challenge (7 Workouts/Week)