Two-Arm Long Cycle (2 Workouts/Week)

Two-Arm Long Cycle (2 Workouts/Week)

Long Cycle (also called "clean and jerk," which are the two components of the exercise) is one of the three main competitive kettlebell sport lifts.

Training long cycle is a sure path to the strongest calves, quads, posterior chain, lats, and shoulders you've ever had, in addition to cardio endurance that will allow you to head out and run your best time ever on a 5k without even training for it.

Sound like big talk? Sure, you've got to do the work to get the rewards, but that's no exaggeration... straight from the mouths of happy members reporting their results back to us.

This is a 6-week program of 2 main TALC (Two-Arm Long Cycle) workouts each week. The last day is a 10-minute set with your "100%" weight, without setting down the kettlebells.

Pair this with 2-3 other GPP workouts for a total of 4-5 workouts per week for the 6 weeks.

Or may we suggest the 2 snatch classes from the 6-week "Best Snatch in Town" program to end your six weeks of training with a 10-minute set of T.A.L.C. AND snatch!?

(For conditioning that everyone needs, add the Cardio and Mobility classes from the 40-4-40 program to get to your four workouts per week - they pair perfectly. In that case, each week do TALC Day 1, Mobility, TALC Day 2, Cardio (in that order).

You'll need: A pair of matching kettlebells (referred to as your "100%," "medium," and/or "working" weight). Additional pairs of lighter & heavier weights are a huge bonus but not required; use the closest weight that you have and increase or slow your pace accordingly. Best practice +/- 1 rep per kg.

Two-Arm Long Cycle (2 Workouts/Week)