The World's Best Kettlebell

The World's Best Kettlebell

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Manufacturing Update 5/12/2021: Hello out there, to all of you patiently waiting for your Pro Kettlebells.

Our recent radio silence was a bi-product of us figuring out what the heck we were going to do.

While pushing for a firm delivery date after they continued to miss deadlines, to our dismay, the foundry said they just didn’t know when they’d be able to fulfill the order and had decided they didn’t want to make the kettlebells at all anymore.

We sure weren’t expecting that.

After a day of mourning we hit the ground running and Nikolai has since landed a different foundry where the owner happens to be a fitness buff and they have different, better casting capabilities, so that's great. On a separate note, we were able to dial in an awesome finishing process over the last month, and they're gorgeous. So, the good news is everything is lined up, we should not have the challenges getting good casts that our first foundry was having, and overall the kettlebells will be better off... but of course, (and I know you're so tired of hearing this) this comes with more delays, as our tooling has to be adjusted for the new foundry.

I believe it will likely be another 6-8 weeks. I also know it possibly could be longer.

I know they’re worth the wait and I know you’ll love them - I won’t even use any of our racks and racks of regular kettlebells now after using these. But the stress of leaving you hanging, and sharing what we believe to be true and then having it turn out not to be true, is STRESSING. US. OUT. Please know we don't take your faith in us and this project for granted!

We’re so sorry for the bumpy ride - thank you so much for taking it,
Amber & Nikolai Puchlov

The World's Best Kettlebell