One-Arm Long Cycle (2 Workouts/Week)

One-Arm Long Cycle (2 Workouts/Week)

Train to complete a 10-minute set of One-Arm Long Cycle without setting down the kettlebell, and just one hand-switch roughly half-way through your set.

Although Two-Arm Long Cycle is what you'll find at most kettlebell sport competitions, One-Arm Long Cycle can be found commonly at AKA competitions and other events (like kettlebell marathons). One-Arm Long Cycle training is also a great training option for anyone who want the physical benefit of sport training but either doesn't have matching pairs of kettlebells available, is just more comfortable using one bell at a time, or wants to use a heavier weight than they're accustomed to. This program will tone and strengthen your whole body, with emphasis on your calves, quads, posterior chain, abs and shoulders.

This program is only two intense one-arm long cycle training days per week. For best results, add 2-3 other GPP workouts to your schedule for a total of 4 workouts per week.

(We recommend adding two workouts each week from our Triple Threat Series, which are broken up into "Lower Body/Swing," "Upper Body/Clean & Press," "Lower Body/Snatch," and "Upper Body/Jerk" classes. The important thing is for you to recover between each of your intense OALC workouts each week - so if your shoulders are sore and tired, do the lower body KettleFIT workout, not another upper body one. Otherwise, you can alternate upper body/lower body classes depending on how your body feels and where you think you need the work.)

Your schedule would look something like this:

Monday: Week 1 Day 1 (One-Arm Long Cycle)
Tuesday: KettleFIT class from the Triple Threat Challenge
Wednesday: Rest or Active Recovery (jog, yoga, bike, etc.)
Thursday: Week 1 Day 2 (One-Arm Long Cycle)
Friday: KettleFIT class from the Triple Threat Challenge
Saturday: Rest or Active Recovery (jog, yoga, bike, etc.)
Sunday: Rest or Active Recovery (jog, yoga, bike, etc.)

You'll need:
One kettlebell we'll refer to as your "medium" or "working" weight. This is what you'll complete your 10-minute set with at the end. A variety of lighter and heavier are recommended for best results, but not required.
Yoga mat optional
Wrist guards optional
Chalk optional
Kettlebell lifting belt optional
Flat soled shoes

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One-Arm Long Cycle (2 Workouts/Week)