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Pro Kettlebell Workouts

For fitness or sport, awesome follow-along workouts with pro kettlebell coaches and lifters from the #1 kettlebell club in the world.
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Pro Kettlebell Workouts
  • Welcome to the Club

    Welcome to Pro Kettlebell online, your hub for the best kettlebell training in the world.

    The coaching, classes and programs included here put strong and lean muscles on your body and a world-class boutique training gym in your pocket, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

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  • 10 Great Kettlebell Swing Variations

    Some of our favorites! Once you've learned the basic yet unbeatable two-hand swing, you can safely and confidently perform any of these, which often appear in our classes.
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  • Curtsy Squat and Variations

    The curtsy squat is one of the best exercises you can do to strengthen your glutes, but so many people do them incorrectly that they've earned a bad rap from some sources. Follow coach Sheena's instructions for safe, effective, and fun ways to incorporate curtsy squats into your workouts, and yo...

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    Free Workouts, Intro Series, Membership Programs ($24.99/month or save more than 3 months with $219.99 Annual Membership)

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  • GITIT ABS 21-Day Challenge (30-Min Classes Daily)

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    Scroll to the bottom to find the printable tracking sheet and challenge guide and don't forget to do a plank test (see how long you can hold one) before you begin and after the final day! PS, completion rates & results skyrocket when you have a friend or family member doing the challenge with yo...

  • 10-Min Stackable Workouts

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  • 35-Min Full Body Partner Workout

    Love it or hate it, this Valentine's Day will be all the better with this partner workout!

  • Top 9 Double Kettlebell Exercises

  • Win a Pro Kettlebell!

    Here's your chance to win an Atlas or Apollo Pro Kettlebell - it's easy!

    All you have to do to be entered to win is 1) be a member, and 2) comment on any video. The more times you comment, the more entries you receive, so let us know how your workouts go!

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  • Strength Endurance Challenge (5 Workouts/Week)

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    5-Weeks of fun, progressive workouts to build strength and endurance.

    Modifiers are offered to make it accessible for those new to working out but for safety and to make sure you get the most out of your time, please take our Kickstarter 4-class series first to learn the swing, clean, press, jer...

  • Kettlebell Rookies Program (Buy & Keep)

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    For personal trainers who want to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible, and people who are ready to dive in and reach your health & fitness with confidence and no wasted time. You'll learn the most important, safe and efficient way to use kettlebells and get undeniable progress in fo...