Pro Kettlebell Workouts

Pro Kettlebell Workouts

For fitness or sport, awesome follow-along workouts with pro kettlebell coaches and lifters from the #1 kettlebell club in the world.
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Pro Kettlebell Workouts
  • Welcome to the Club

    Welcome to Pro Kettlebell online, your hub for the best kettlebell training in the world.

    The coaching, classes and programs included here put strong and lean muscles on your body and a world-class boutique training gym in your pocket, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

    Your online members...

  • Pro Kettlebell Rookies Intensive Course

    22 items

    Learn to use kettlebells like a pro (and enjoy the body that goes with it) in four weeks.

    "Rookies" is a 20 class deep-dive "learn and burn" course that will get you in great shape while weaving into the workouts more info about proper kettlebell technique than most certified trainers out there ...

  • Win a Pro Kettlebell!

    Here's your chance to win an Atlas or Apollo Pro Kettlebell - it's easy!

    All you have to do to be entered to win is 1) be a member, and 2) comment on any video. The more times you comment, the more entries you receive, so let us know how your workouts go!

    Entries will be collected throughout t...

  • *NEW* Power/Flow (4 Workouts/Week)

    13 items

    All 30-minute classes, alternating between "Power" classes and "Flow" classes.

    "Power" classes are designed to be done with doubles (matching pairs of kettlebells) but modifiers are included if you only have one kettlebell.

    Flow is a single-bell class where you'll learn the moves in smaller...