Welcome to Pro Kettlebell

Welcome to Pro Kettlebell

For fitness or sport, awesome follow-along workouts with pro kettlebell coaches and lifters from the #1 kettlebell club in the world.

Welcome to Pro Kettlebell
  • 30-Min Beginner's Workout

    We call this class a Test Drive - get a feel for using kettlebells and the style of our classes, no skills required.

    If you like it, prior to jumping in to our regular classes, take the Kettlebell Kickstarter 4-class intro series to learn all the juicy details of lifting kettlebells in the saf...

  • 45-Minute Kettlebell Strength Workout

    This is Day 1 of the 21-Day Kettlebell Strength Challenge. All you need is one kettlebell of light to medium weight, but if you have a matching pair, all the better.

    Prior to taking this or any of our classes, take our Kettlebell Kickstarter intro course to learn the core-6 kettlebell exercis...

  • 30-Minute Kettleballer Doubles Workout

    What to do with all those bells!!!
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  • How to Swing Like a Pro... Avoid the #1 Mistake

    Watch all 12 Pro Kettlebell Fundamentals! Find them under the "Intros and Technique" row.

  • Welcome to the Club

    Welcome to Pro Kettlebell Workouts, where we've brought the awesome class structures & exercises developed at Seattle Kettlebell Club - one of the largest and highest ranked kettlebell clubs in the entire world - online.

    The coaching, classes and programs included here put a world-class boutique...