KettleSPORT Skills and Drills (3 Workouts/Week)

KettleSPORT Skills and Drills (3 Workouts/Week)

The perfect intro to sport, this is a 3 day per week program for 4 weeks. Each week, you'll train one jerk day, one snatch day, and one long cycle day. In the final week, you'll complete five minute sets of each, without stopping!

This is a great starter series for kettlebell lifters new to the sport, or experienced lifters moving up in weight.

Although it is perfect for beginners, we don't actually teach the jerk, snatch and long cycle in these classes, so make sure you've taken the Kettlebell Kickstarter intro series first!

You'll need:
One pair of light-medium weight kettlebells. A variety of lighter and heavier are a great bonus to the program if you have them, but not required.
Cotton gloves (Cheap gardening gloves without any texture on them are perfect. In a pinch, you can even modify a cotton sock with a thumb hole!)
Yoga mat optional
Wrist guards optional
Chalk optional
Kettlebell lifting belt optional
Flat soled shoes

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KettleSPORT Skills and Drills (3 Workouts/Week)