Biathlon Training Camp (10 Weeks)

Biathlon Training Camp (10 Weeks)

This 10-minute biathlon (jerk & snatch) program is being released for the first time starting April 19th, 2021 to end June 26th, coinciding with Crazy Monkey USA's Kettlebell Competition.

You do not need to compete to participate in the program, but it will prepare you to complete 10-minute sets of double jerks and single snatch (with one hand-switch) at the end of the series. If you want to develop strength and cardio endurance and like to see clearly defined progress, this is for you!

weeks 1-4 (finishes with 5-minute test sets)
day 1: jerk
day 2: snatch
day 3: mobility
day 4: jerk & snatch

weeks 5-10 (finishes with 10-minute sets)
day 1: jerk
day 2: snatch
day 3: jerk
day 4: snatch
+ Optional mobility

You'll need:
A matching pair of kettlebells to complete this program. Recommend are a variety of pairs of weights lighter and heavier than your "medium" or "working" weight, the weights you will complete your competition sets with.
Cotton gloves (Cheap gardening gloves without any texture on them are perfect. In a pinch, you can even modify a cotton sock with a thumb hole!)
Flat soled shoes
Yoga mat and/or rubber mat optional
Wrist guards optional
Chalk optional
Kettlebell lifting belt optional
Mobility Stick optional
Jump Rope optional

Please take the "Kettlebell Kickstarter" 4-class intro series before beginning this program to dial in your kettlebell swing, clean, jerk and snatch prior to starting!

"Week 1" of this program is being released Sunday, April 18th for the week starting April 19th, 2021. Each Sunday thereafter through June, 2021, the new workouts for the following week will be added.

Biathlon Training Camp (10 Weeks)