60-Day Triple Threat (5 Workouts/Week)

60-Day Triple Threat (5 Workouts/Week)

The only thing more effective than a kettlebell workout is a program of kettlebell workouts!

The 60-Day Triple Threat is a 3 part series to keep you motivated and super strong, super healthy, and super fit... be prepared to find some of the people you know annoyed with your success 😉

Part 1: Weeks 1-3, Strength and Precision Training (Use heavier weights if you have them for weeks 1-3)
Part 2: Weeks 4-6, Speed and Agility Training (Use lighter weights if you have them for weeks 4-6)
Part 3: Weeks 7-9, Peak Performance Training (Use your "medium" weight for weeks 7-9)

Week 1: 25-Min. Classes
Week 2: 35-Min. Classes
Week 3: 45-Min. Classes

Week 4: 25-Min. Classes
Week 5: 35-Min. Classes
Week 6: 45-Min. Classes

Week 7: 25-Min. Classes
Week 8: 35-Min. Classes
Week 9: 45-Min. Classes

Only one light-medium kettlebell is required, but an assortment of weights and/or pairs of matching weights for sure can be incorporated for max results.

Prerequisite: Kettlebell Kickstarter 4-class intro series
Optional extras: yoga mat, padded wrist/sweatbands, jump rope, resistance band.

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60-Day Triple Threat (5 Workouts/Week)