Strength Endurance Challenge (5 Workouts/Week)

Strength Endurance Challenge (5 Workouts/Week)

[Technical Level: Intermediate]

5-Weeks of fun, progressive workouts to build strength and endurance.

Modifiers are offered to make it accessible for those new to working out but for safety and to make sure you get the most out of your time, please take our Kickstarter 4-class series first to learn the swing, clean, press, jerk and snatch, and get a feel for how our classes work!

This series includes a strength focused chest, back and bicep workout and a strength focused legs, shoulders, triceps workout which increase in length 5-minutes each week... from 25-minutes in week one to 45-minutes in week 5.

You'll also get three full-body workouts each week (25-45 minutes each, depending), including our popular "Kettlebell Mash-Up" classes - a fitness/sport combo.

Overall, you'll be stronger and fitter by the end of the series. Just follow the program.

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Strength Endurance Challenge (5 Workouts/Week)