40-4-40 KettleFIT Camp

40-4-40 KettleFIT Camp

Forty 40-minute workouts!

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it: Stay on track with this progressive program by completing 4 workouts per week (in the order prepared for you) for 10-weeks.

Each week, you'll get:

1 Strength Focus Workout
1 Cardio Focus Workout
1 Mobility Workout
1 "Wild Card" Workout (Theme Varies Weekly)

Only one "medium-weight" kettlebell necessary but bring your matching pairs or variety of weights if you have them. Optional equipment: yoga mat, jump rope, stick.

Modifiers are offered to decrease or increase the difficulty of the classes as written, but please take the "Kettlebell Kickstarter" 4-class intro series before beginning this program to dial in your kettlebell swing, clean, jerk and snatch prior to starting!

"Week 1" of this program is being released Sunday, April 18th for the week starting April 19th, 2021. Each Sunday thereafter through June, 2021, the new workouts for the following week will be added.

40-4-40 KettleFIT Camp