Featured:  The 21-Day Strength Challenge

Featured: The 21-Day Strength Challenge

The 21-Day Challenge strikes again! We started doing 21-Day Challenges in our gym in 2015, with hundreds of members enjoying shocking themselves with their undeniable results in only three weeks.

This strength challenge begins and ends with a "baseline" test, and each week follows a course of expertly planned workouts that allow you to create the habit and instant feedback from working out daily without over-training and burning out. We recommend doing the baseline test a few days prior to starting the challenge.

DOWNLOAD THE TRACKING SHEET at https://www.prokettlebell.com/fitness-tracking

PS Take our Kettlebell Kickstarter Intro classes FIRST to learn the exercises and techniques you'll need to take on this challenge and crush it 🙂

Only one "medium" weight kettlebell required, but bring more if you have them. Optional extras: yoga mat, sweat bands for your wrists, jump rope, stick/pole for mobility. Classes in this series range from 30-45 minutes each.

Featured:  The 21-Day Strength Challenge