Free Classes

Free Classes

Free Classes
  • Kettlebell Test Drive (Total Beginner Workout)

    No experience necessary! This class gives you a great idea of our class format and what to expect from your Pro Kettlebell workouts, without anything technical to worry about. If you love it, head down to the "Rookies" Intro course or the Pro Kettlebell Fundamentals Mini-Series to learn the tec...

  • Intro to the Pro Kettlebell - Full Body Workout

    Get a feel for how our classes work and the variety of ways you can use and hold Pro Kettlebells during this fun and fast-paced full body strengthen and sweat workout.

    Suitable for those with some-lots of kettlebell experience and a wide variety of fitness levels when you use an appropriate we...

  • Low Ceiling Kettlebell Workout!

  • 20-Min Full Body Kettlebell Workout

    If you're not already a member, get started with 7-day Free Trial now!

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  • 30-Minute Kettleballer Doubles Workout

    What to do with all those bells!!!
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  • 30-Min Full Body KettleFIT (30-4-30 Challenge - Day 1)

    Also "Day 1" of the 30-4-30! Make sure you've watched our free Fundamentals series and taken the Kettlebell Kickstarter classes before doing this and our other member workouts. Otherwise, grab a bell or two and get ready to sweat.

    And don't stop now! Take the whole challenge: https://watch.p...

  • 45-Minute Kettlebell Strength Workout

    This is Day 1 of the 21-Day Kettlebell Strength Challenge. All you need is one kettlebell of light to medium weight, but if you have a matching pair, all the better.

    Prior to taking this or any of our classes, take our Kettlebell Kickstarter intro course to learn the core-6 kettlebell exercis...

  • 30-Minute Double Trouble

    Double the pace setters, double the kettlebells, double the fun for this Tabata themed full-body strength workout. We'll do double swings, thrusters, cleans, jerks, half-snatch and more. Intermediate-Advanced

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