NEW:  Back in the Swing of It

NEW: Back in the Swing of It

This 3-week progressive program on the Pro Kettlebell Workouts web, ios, android, or samsung tv apps includes 4 full-body workouts per week.

Designed for those who know kettlebells and are confident with moves like cleans, jerks and snatches but have been out of the habit for a bit. That said, this program is also great for those of you who want to safely start using a heavier kettlebell than you're used to.

(If you're a first-timer with us, check out or Those programs include more modifiers and instruction for newbies.)

The classes increase in time and difficulty over the course of the program, starting with around 30 minutes and by the end we're up to 45 minutes.

The format is a little different than most of our others... all classes are full-body, and each class consists of 4 sections. 1) Strength 2) Mobility 3) Power and 4) Cardio. Each day of the week, a different section will have more emphasis (and more time) than the others. So, Week 1 Day is More Power. Week 1 Day 2 is More Mobility. Week 1 Day 3 is More Strength, and Week 1 Day 4 is More Cardio (and so on for week 2 and 3).

Week 1 of the program drops Sunday, December 5th to begin Monday, December 6th. Week 2 will go live Sunday, December 12th, and week 3 will go live Sunday, December 19th.

NEW:  Back in the Swing of It